I provide professional language services: translation, revision, editing, proofreading, brand name analysis, project management, and interpretation services as a certified sworn translator / reviser / editor / proofreader / interpreter since 2000.



Translations from English into Romanian as external translator of the European Commission, Directorate General for Translation (Transport, Energy, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Natural Sciences) since 2009.

Translations from English into Romanian as an external translator for the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union since 2004.

Translator/reviser (January-June 2006) at the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, Luxembourg (about 1,500 pages translated/revised, language combination: English/French-Romanian/Hungarian, fields: agriculture, environment, market – trade marks and designs, education, culture, human rights protection, employment, vocational training, social affairs, technical, etc.).

Fulltime translation traineeship (February-June 2004) at the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, Luxembourg.

2004 – present – Translation in various fields, such as: Law, Agriculture, Environment, Finance, Education, Market, Social Affairs, Technical, IT, etc. for the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, Luxembourg.

Translation of technical documentation (English/Hungarian/Romanian) for S.C. ASSIX S.R.L. Fields: construction, tools, electronics, equipments, medical equipments, machinery, maintenance, etc.

Translation and revision/editing/formatting services for ABCTranslate, LinguaLinx Language Solutions Inc., fox Translate, Lexika s.r.o., Spectus s.r.o., TRADEURO srl, Carlito srl, Mobil Service srl, Pantevis Bt., Communicaid Inc., Language Solutions, Focus Translation Corporation, Universe Technical Translation Inc., ER-Translations/Teconia GmbH, Eurokyt srl, Janus WWI, Holidaycars, Choice Translating, Appella, Marsolutions Ltd., ABC Eurotranslations Ltd., Globalvox S.L., Verboo, Translate 4U sarl, In Every Language, etc.

2002 – present – Translation services (English/Hungarian/Romanian) for SPECTUS ROMANIA SRL, Cluj, Romania, mainly in the technical field, such as: user manuals, window systems, product presentation, product installation and maintenance, transport, legal documents, etc.

2000 – present – Translation and revision/editing/proofreading (more than 50,000 pages translated) for S.C. CARLITO S.R.L. – Translation Company, “Kristin” – Translation Agency, TRADEURO S.R.L., Total Term SRL, Autoworld SRL, Sampha Consult SRL, Eurokyt SRL, etc. Fields: automotive, electronics, EU, IT, legal, engineering, technical, oil and gas industry, various personal documents: certificates, diplomas, transcripts, medical certificates, contracts, agreements, business letters, etc.

Translation of various service manuals and technical presentations, offers, registration documents (Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, Renault, etc.).

Technical translations of Patrolline alarms for different cars.

Translation services (English-Romanian) in the field of oil and gas industry for Universe Technical Translation, Inc.

Brand name analysis, mainly in the pharmaceutical field, for Choice Translating, Appella.

Translation of various personal documents for BRIDGE LANGUAGE STUDY HOUSE (Heltai Gaspar Library Foundation).

2003 – present – Translation Project Management Sevices for SC CARLITO SRL, SC TRADEURO SRL.


I have been interpreting for many notary public and law offices at the conclusion of contracts, various declarations, affidavits, depositions, set-up of companies, and for other public and private institutions. I have also performed liaison interpreting and also fixer services.