I am specialized in localizing marketing communications, advertising campaigns, legal documents, product presentations, brochures, user manuals, technical documentations, personal documents translation, brand and product name analysis, exam invigilation and supervision, etc.

I provide the following services:

Translation – Certified/Sworn Translations – Personal Document Translation – Localization – Revision – Proofreading – Editing – Review – Formatting – Interpretation – Brand Name Analysis – Product Name Analysis – Translation Project Management – Exam Invigilation and Supervision


  •    English to Romanian
  •    English to Hungarian
  •    Hungarian to Romanian
  •    Romanian to Hungarian
  •    Russian to Romanian     
  •    Russian to Hungarian                                          
  •    Romanian to English
  •    Hungarian to English
  •    Russian to English                       
  •    Ukrainian to Romanian
  •    Ukrainian to English
  •    Moldovan to English
  •    Moldovan to Hungarian
  •    English to Moldovan


Areas of Expertise

  • Technical – automotive, agricultural machinery and equipment, technical documentation for various machines/equipments/devices, technical descriptions/ presentations, medical equipments, electrical equipments, household appliances, technical support documentation, user manuals, technical data sheet, road constructions, oil and gas extractions, instructions for use, etc.
  • EU – translation of briefings, reports, presentations, press releases, documentation in the fields of agriculture, economics, environment, finance, education, law, human rights protection, vocational training, social affairs, technical, etc.
  • Legal – translation of various contracts, agreements, affidavits, additional documentation, offers, personal documents, etc.
  • Business/Marketing/Advertising – translation of various contracts, business letters, company/services presentations, products presentation, localization, etc.
  • IT – translation of various software and hardware, etc.
  • Internet and Internet content Website localization – translation of Internet sites, hosting, site administration, etc.
  • Travel/Tourism/Transport/Logistics – translation of various travel websites, transport, logistics, travel agencies, traveling documents, etc. 
  • Other fields/documents diplomas, transcripts, certificates, medical certificates, economy, tourism, high-tech, user guides, web pages, marketing documents, etc.
  • Personal documents translation – diplomas, certificates, transcripts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce documents, records, passports, military cards, IDs, personal letters, traveling documents, driver licenses, applications, CVs, letters of recommendation, letters of intention, references, etc.
  • Certified translations – diplomas, transcripts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce documents, affidavits, study certificates, records, IDs, passports, traveling documents, etc.
  • Brand name analysis services – medical products, pharmaceutical products, technical products, etc.
  • Exam invigilator, supervisor, language teacher – at state schools, private schools,  and also at university level